MAY 26TH, 2006.- The Duero-Douro International Biological Station (EBI), was established in 2002 with the support of the ICN-Institute of Nature Conservation of Portugal, together with the universities UTAD of Portugal, LEÓN of Spain and FEDERICO II of Naples in Italy.

Its research and conservation projects of habitats and species are financed through Environmental Cruises that have already received the 1st National Award for Nature Tourism, the Congressional Medal of Merit and the Ecoinnova Award, among other recognitions from Spain and Portugal.

The EBI Duero-Douro was officially endorsed by the Foreign Ministers of the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal, together with the ambassadors of both countries, Government Delegates, President of CyL and President of the Zamora Provincial Council, at the Hispanic-Portuguese Summit of May 29th, 2006 (SEE VIDEO)  that ratified the official constitution of this first iberian biological station and its research, within the framework of the cross-border cooperation agreements signed by the Board of CyL, the ICNB of Portugal and three universities Europeans on May 2nd, 1997, on April 20th, 2002 and on January 26th, 2004.

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